Youth Association Officers/Directors

Each year at the RMQHYA general membership meeting at the RMQHA convention, youth members elect officers and directors to make decisions for the association and represent RMQHYA as leaders and role models.

The executive committe consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Reporter. In addition to their duties as outlined in the by-laws, each executive officer is the head of a committee. The president is in charge of the world show committee, the vice president heads up outreach activities, the secretary is in charge of year end awards, the treasurer is in charge of fundraising and the reporter coordinates putting together the RMQHYA scrapbook. If you are interested in participating on a committee please contact the appropriate officer.

The RMQHYA board of directors is made up of five regional directors, and five at large directors. Each regional director is responsible for representing the members in their region, as well as working on outreach efforts in the counties that are in their region. At large directors are expected to attend meetings and share their thoughts about issues and projects that RMQHYA is working on.

Together, the executive committee and board of directors, work together to make plans for RMQHYA and help to ensure that youth in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region enjoy their time spent with our association.

While the decisions and projects are decided on by the youth members, there is an amazing adult support network to help them reach their goals during the year. The RMQHYA is overseen by an advisor and an assistant advisor who help to guide them through their year, and represent their interests with AQHYA. The organization is also under the watchful eye of the youth committee, which is made up of members of RMQHA who are passionate about our youth program. We are also lucky to have a wonderful group of parents, who provide countless hours and financial support to our association. The RMQHYA is fortunate to have such an amazing group to help it succeed!

We all look forward to getting to know you, and help you with any questions you may have during your time with RMQHYA.